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Life is but a dream visualized.


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If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?

Rumi (via kushandwizdom)

You’re tired of hearing about it? Think about how fucking exhausting it is living it.

Jon Stewart regarding racism.  (via anotherwellkeptsecret)

(via robregal)


I saw your daughter today

I don’t see you in her yet, but I’m sure it’ll show in time

Maybe she’ll have your smile, or you’re laugh

Or you’re sense of humor, and love of life

Maybe she’ll be a poet like you, great with people and words

How great would that be?

I just know that she’s going to be this awesome being, filled with promise

A force to be reckoned with

But as gentle and as unexpected as a summer breeze in the middle of August

I smile thinking about the possibilities, being so happy for you

Children are such awesome blessings

Yet I still feel this sadness

this sorrow deep down in the nothingness of my heart

As I think back

Think back to those memories of us dreaming of our child

What they would look like and who they would be

And it’s just so eerie

That although she’s my dream child, in reality she’s not mine

And you aren’t either.


Something Artistic Blog asylum-art:

“Inside a Woman’s Mind” Photo Seriesn by Sandra… via Tumblr

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So I spent my sunday cooking and doing this.

Don’t you look like somebody I met a long time ago
I know I ain’t ever met you though
Oooh you look like I’ve been knowing you for a thousand years
Gosh ooh I don’t know what’s happening
You know I’m really involved but I been checking you out

I just want to connect to someone

the way I connected to you

See I’ve never, never had so much to gain and threw it all away
And if I ever, ever had a chance again, I’d probably do the same
Singing ooooh, I’ve only let you down
Singing ooooh, I’ve left you the crown

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Essentially, my heart has spent too long being a comma

paused on the cusp of finding love than an exclamation point

ready to dive into whatever comes next.

So thank you, for providing the proper punctuation-

if sleeping with him is a crime, then this

is my correctly diagrammed death sentence.

Realness in poetic form.

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