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If it ain’t about the money
Don’t be blowin me up, nigga I ain’t gettin up
If it ain’t about the money
Ain’t no use in you ringin my line, stop wastin my time
If it ain’t about the money
Nah I can’t even hear what you say, I ain’t finna do shit
If it ain’t about the money
Bitch, you can miss me with it, bitch nigga miss me with it
Turn it!

How foolish is the heart to need the detriment of heartbreak to feel alive

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A loner will always know how to be alone

"jesus christ, girl…"


Forrest Gump hit theaters 20 years ago today. Look back at our original review of the film.

My favorite movie everrrr

That moment when you know you’re job is pretty dope for letting you tumblr all day, but you still wanna take your ass home?

That moment is now. 

Right now. 

At this very exact moment. 

All I want is some sleep and some fresh prince of bel air. 

On the real.

Okay, i’m done. 


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Ghetto Dora the explora in the hood


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You already know. 

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